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Why a Custom Twitter Background?

5 Reasons to have a custom Twitter background

1 -Increase Followers: 

Isn't that what Twitter is all about?  Getting as many followers as you possibly can. Customization to your profile will spawn more traffic to your page and even more followers!

2 - Personal Expression:

A few characters can only go so far.  But with a custom personal profile design, you can show visitors who you are and what you represent.

3 - Personal Branding: 

Branding is about creating consistency so that your audience and potential followers will be able to distinguish you among competitors.  A customized design will continue your brand message and set you apart from the rest. 

4 - Contact Info Visibility: 

While Twitter has a function to display contact information, it is not always readily visible.  With a custom theme, you can be sure your visitors see your contact information for building business relationships.

5 - Professional Authenticity:

Ever been to a Twitter page that had nothing but the blue clouds but a whole lot of tweets; maybe a few followers?  You probably clicked off immediately!  You don't want that to be you.  Having a professional looks creates and builds trust with your followers. If you look professional, they'll follow.


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